Trace is an offshoot radio project from the my main Bound series. It explores the liminal space of the Irish Border though binaural sound. Field recordings made at over 200 border crossings were curated in a series consisted of 10  episodes of 1 hour and a 9 and a half hour finale. The 10 episodes traverse the border working from East to West following the original route taken on my journey discoving these spaces of flux. Cars, bikes, tractor pedestrians, cows, sheep, birds, trees, water, fences are all present in this contested space. As well as changes in road surfaces marking territory and road authority changes. 

This series aimed to document the open and free movement currently enjoyed on the Island of Ireland in the context of the current political negotiations.These episodes exploring different sections of the border were  accompanied by photogarphic slideshows depicting the border roads present in the episode.

Copyright: James Davoll