James is an award winning artist, filmmaker and creative practice researcher working across creative digital media, video installation, film, photography, performance and sound.

James’ creative ethnographic practice explores specific landscapes asking questions of their contemporary role, relevance and our emotive response to them. His practice seeks to investigate our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world, particularly in relation to liminal spaces and borders.

His films aim to push the intersection of the visual and sonic land/ seascape. Achieved by combining multiple technologies, juxtaposing traditional film techniques and observing the world through a slow cinematic lens.

In performance James improvises with live video editing, still frames, field recordings, creative programming and microphones. These when combined, push the boundaries of cinematic experience and film making, creating layered environments that challenge and provoke audiences.

James encourages aleatory methodologies both in his performances and his exhibition practice. Surrendering control to chance, audience and algorithm.

He has produced works for the likes of ResonanceExtra, the Being Human Festival, the Dark Outside Festival, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival and the Festival of Humanity.
Copyright: James Davoll