Selected Performances and Exhibitions

Zephyros, Cullercoats Harbour, UK, 08/2022
Upstream, Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle, 03/2022
un-boxing, Sainte Croix de Mareille, France, 03/2022

Carbon Borders Voices, Online Exhibition, 01/2022

Energies, Hedway Arts, Blyth, 07/2021

Bartlett Screening Room, UCL, London, 04/2021

Spaces of Intervention, Culture Lab, Newcastle, 10/2019

Put This in Your Window and Think of Me, Cambridge, 09/2019

Bound iii, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Scotland, 05/2019

You Cannot Step in the Same River Twice, Fuse, Bradford, 05/2019

Bound ii, Allenheads Contemporary Art, England, 03/2019
Sounding Nature, Selected Contributor to Cities and Memory Project, Online Archive, 2018

Material Matter, Culture Lab, Newcastle 12/2018

Bound i, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland, 11/2018
Polluted Leisure: A Toxic Love Affair, Foundation Maison des Sciences de L’Homme, Paris, France 11/2018
Trace, Radio Series, ResonanceExtra, 2018
Polluted Leisure: A Toxic Love Affair, XL Gallery, 09/2018
Bridges ii____, Inspired by Great Exhibition of the North, Long Gallery, Newcastle, 08/2018
Chwarel, Soundwalks, collaboration with Tim Shaw Dorothea Quarry, Gwynedd, Wales, 10/2017
Murmur, collaboration with Prof. Julieanne Preston, Newcastle, 07/2017
Bridges___, collaboration with David de la Haye, North Tower: Tyne Bridge, Newcastle, 11/2016
AHRC Commons, Common Ground, York, 06/2016
Seasons, Field Camera, Cumbria, 06/2016
Loops, Lines, Layers, Culture Lab, 03/2016
Things Not Seen Archive, Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle, 11/2015
Chwarel, Dyffryn Nantlle, Gwynedd, Wales, 2015
Cloud 9, Kirkley Hall, Northumberland, 08/2014
Change, South Shields, 04/2013
Render3, Culture Lab, Newcastle, 09/2012
The Emblematic Project, Newcastle, 10/2011
Onsite, Newcastle, 07/2011
Land-escape, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, 04/2011
Wield Site Allotments, Brighton, 06/2010
Central Art, Queenstown New Zealand, 08/2009
Echoes, N.Ireland, 06/2009
Bonfires, the Eakin, N.Ireland, 09/2008
Open Houses, Brighton, 07/2007
Helios, the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, 08/2006
Misé-en-scene, Gallery North, Newcastle, 06/2006

Conferences and Festivals
Ethnografilm Festival, Paris, France, 2023
Laurus Film Festival, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus. 2021 (Semi - Finalist)
Etnovideográfica Film Festival, Zamora, Spain, 2020 (Nominated Jury Prize)
Winner Wales International Film Festival, Swansea, Wales, 2019 (Best Experimental)
Skeiðaráhlaup Festival, Iceland, 2019
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland, 2019
Winner Reel HeArt Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2019 (Best Experimental and Nominated for Best Editing)
AnthropOcean, Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia, Lisboa, Portugal, 2019
Finalist, Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, Wales, 2019 (Nominated Best Short) 
Ethnografilm Festival, Paris, France, 2019
Mountain - Nature - Adventure Film Festival - 29 Memorial Marià Luisa, Spain, 2019
Wales International Documentary Film Festival, Cardiff, Wales, 2019

Short to the Point Film festival, Romania, Moldova, 2019
Honourable Mention, Canada Shorts Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2019
Sound Though Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, 11/2018
The Rivers of Life, the Sill, Cumbria, England, 11/2018
GeNErosity Festival, North Tyneside, England, 10/2018
ASA18 Conference: Sociality, matter, and the imagination: re-creating Anthropology with Dr Adam Doering and Dr Clifton Evers, Oxford, England, 09/2018

Adlais, Gwyl Lechi Bro Ffestiniog/ Ffestiniog Slate Festival, Wales, 07/ 2018
CAUTHE 2018, collaboration with Dr Adam Doering, Dr Clifton Evers, Prof. Kumi Kato, Simon Wearne, Australia, 02/2018
The Dark Outside Festival and Sanctuary Lab, Talnotry, 09/2017

Sustaining the Seas 2017, collaboration with Dr Clifton Evers, Sydney, Australia, 06/2017
Sydney Ideas Festival 2017, Polluted Leisure, collaboration with Dr Clifton Evers, Sydney, Australia, 06/2017

Residencies, Grants and Commissions

DYCP, Arts Council England, 2022

Grounding the Cloud, Pioneer Award, 2021

Polluted Leisure, NICAP Award, 2018

CAMP Residency, Aulus-les-Bains, France, 05/2018

Paths Across the Water, North Shields, 11/2017

Bridges___, NUHRI Award, 2016

Common Ground, AHRC Award, 2016

Sundroids, Harehope Quarry, Weardale, 2012

The Emblematic Project, Arts Council England Award, 09/2011

Switch On/ Switch Off, FutureEverything Festival, Manchester, 05/2011

Oxclose, Creative Partnerships Residency, 08/2010

Wield Site Allotments Residency, Brighton, 06/2010

Copyright: James Davoll